A freestanding bathtub, what choice?

 As the architects moved away from compact bathrooms, whose dimensions resembled rather the railway compartment and resulted from the small size of the apartments under construction, they began to attach greater importance to this space. Bathrooms are now becoming a very important part of a flat or house, they have their own character and style. We are moving away from the built-in bathtubs, which had to be integrated into the small space of the room, and they often become the primary element of the interior design.

Bath in the bedroom

This combination of a bathing room and a bedroom is becoming increasingly popular not only in celebrity apartments. The free-standing bathtub is a central, eye-catching attribute of space in this case. Therefore, it is not surprising that this type of equipment is sometimes made of the highest quality materials and the workmanship is characterized by the highest care.

The bathtubs standing in the bedroom can be made of stone, ceramics or non-ferrous metals. Especially noteworthy are hand-forged bathtubs made of copper. This peculiar equipment adds class and prestige to the room. It is worth mentioning that the base of the bathtubs can be made of the highest quality material, starting from stone and ending with hand-made floor tiles. Appropriate design helps to maintain the expected style and character of the room.

A very interesting solution in a bedroom with a free-standing bathtub is to place a screen. Such an element of small architecture allows to achieve a unique, individual character of the room.

Requirements for the installation of a freestanding bathtub

Installation of a free-standing bath tub in the bathing room or bedroom requires several conditions. The first and perhaps most important is the space needed. Whether you want to install a bathtub in a rectangular or oval shape, it is necessary to allocate space for the bathtub and bath taps. A frequently chosen solution is a free-standing bath mixer. This is not a traditionally used solution, therefore a dedicated connection of the water system and drain is very often required. Properly made installation allows to achieve an amazing effect. A very interesting solution are retro style mixers made of non-ferrous metals or coated in black, white, silver or gold.

The free-standing bath tub should be accessible from all sides. In case of installing such equipment, it is required to protect two or three square meters of the surface.

Batteries for freestanding bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are characterized by the right style, character, that is why it is so important to choose the right mixer. In addition to the free-standing mixers, often in retro style, there are also multi-hole mixers. They are characterised by the fact that they are mounted on the edge of the bathtub in holes cut out by the factory or by an expert. It is also possible to use concealed mixers, but in this case access to the bath tub from one side is not possible.

Free-standing bathtubs are a choice that offers many possibilities. A well-thought-out design allows to reflect the character of the room according to the investor's expectations. Such an interior is a style and class, so it is worth considering using this type of equipment in your bathroom.


Date added: 29 July 2020
Author: Julietta Torbus
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