Additions in the interior design that matter

Interior designers often pay attention to details that escape the investor, they seem to be of little importance, and yet it is different gadgets that can affect the style. They can be a complement, or even the main element of space, determining the nature and style of the room.


Lamps, especially those on the strings, hanging at a selected height of the premises, illuminating the main elements of the room such as a table, island in the kitchen, dining room or living room, perform practical functions related to lighting the room, but also often have the character of the main element, even ostentatious, giving style space. A lamp in a room cannot therefore be a random choice. It is worth thinking about the vision of the room and choosing additions so that they harmonize with each other.
Copper lamps, painted or coated with a thin layer of this metal, are rare. Such lamps are great for rustic-style premises, but also for modernist large spaces. Such lighting is very well suited to the kitchen or gastronomic premises.

Cups, applications, cups

Having a vision of the room and the initial furniture furnishings, you can think about small things that complement the climate. Hand-painted cups and cups are common elements of dressers and secretaries. Gadgets matching the environment emphasize the adequacy of the space.

A common form of highlighting an element of space are applications or decors, often from ceramic tiles that mark the style or also emphasize the value for the owner of the item. An example here can be mirror frames made of ceramic tiles, strips of tiles located around the fireplace or table top.

Eclecticism, which is very fashionable in design lately, that is, mixing styles allows you to select one style with selected trifles with other trends that characterize the room. Recently, it is popular to combine rustic elements, such as copper plates, pitchers, jugs, richly decorated mirror frames, with a modernist style characterized by simplicity and a large space.

Let's take care of the little things, they do the job ...

Date added: 28 May 2020
Author: Julietta Torbus
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