How is it done? vol.1

Mexican tiles are quite popular due to their bold colours and rich designs. They are simply beautiful. Unfortunately, for some, these qualities can be a disadvantage, which is why we have created tile compositions that allow you to add a little bit of Mexican touch to your interior while maintaining your own individual style. Our patchworks are also a solution for those who like more calm or harmonious tile colours. And this is exactly how we tried to choose the colours. We asked Mexican producer for characteristic for Mexico colours of ceramic tiles, and then we tried to match them while creating patchworks, so that they were not only consistent with each other, but also fit into our Polish interiors. Yes, it was a real challenge! After all, Mexico is a completely different country - culturally, historically,... colours.

Final 10

In the end we created about 10 patchworks, which then went through our internal verification, and then were subjected to severe criticism from our customers and blog readers 😉 This allowed to choose 5 winners. We liked the patchworks right away and we gained even more sympathy for them. Each patchwork received its own name, associated with inspirations for its creation.

Malaquita - from malachite, a beautiful mineral with different shades of green


Borgoña - from the French region famous for producing exquisite red wines


Caramelo - associated with caramel candy


Ciruela - from "plum"; it is associated with a basket full of different varieties of plums picked straight from the tree, but in North America ciruela is a separate fruit with a taste only slightly similar to some varieties of Polish plums


Intenso - is an intense patchwork whose colours are taken from the landscapes and architecture of Mexico.


Each of these patchworks has its own charm. The Malaquita patchwork is my favourite and if I had the chance, I would place it not only in one area of the flat. In addition to the motif above the kitchen worktop, I would repeat it in the bathroom shower, for example. It would be perfect with nautical accessories. Patchwork Borgona will go well in cosy interiors owned by green lovers. Perhaps some Mexican prickly pear, agave or aloe vera? Carmelo will create a warm interior in combination with wood. Ciruela is a patchwork suitable for any room, even as a decorative motif in a children's room. And Intenso is dedicated to the owners of quieter coloured spaces. Such an intensive colour patchwork will certainly enliven your interior, and by adding a few more Mexican decorative elements you will bring a truly Mexican atmosphere to your home.

Date added: 16 March 2021
Author: Julietta Torbus
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