How to lay cement tiles?

How to lay cement tiles?

There is a belief that cement tiles are difficult to lay. It is a myth, maybe the activity requires a little more attention, but an expert in practice will not feel any difference when laying cement tiles or standardized ones.

Preparing the substrate for cement tiles

This is a very important issue. First of all, you have to check if the substrate is sufficiently similar. This can be checked with a spirit level or a patch. If necessary, the subfloor should be level. The next step is to primer the subfloor, this is a very important step because, firstly, it binds the dust accumulated on the subfloor to the wall or floor and, secondly, it gives a stable subfloor for the adhesive or other mortar that connects the tile to the surface. There is a whole mass of primer on the market, but it is good to know the adhesive manufacturer's recommendations for choosing the bonding agent.

How to lay cement tiles?

The first important thing is to check if the surface is dry enough after priming, unless the adhesive manufacturer recommends otherwise. Then it is good to check, preferably by lightly knocking on the tile, that it is not cracked. It is worth spreading the tiles on the floor, checking if the patterns and patterns on the tiles fit together and we will achieve the desired effect.

The next step is the process of laying the tiles. Apply an adhesive layer on the tile of the thickness recommended by the manufacturer and stick it to the substrate.

Grouting of cement tiles

In this case, the procedure itself is similar to the grouting of traditional tiles, but care must be taken when selecting the grout. It is best to choose a grout for natural stone with organic pigment in grey and cream colour. Soiled tiles should be removed immediately with a soft cloth soaked in water and soap. You can additionally protect the tile from soiling by impregnating it earlier. The grout must not be allowed to dry on the tile, such dirt is very difficult to remove and will probably leave traces on the cement tile.

Care of cement tiles

The impregnation of the tiles protects the substrate against absorption of water and organic pollutants. The surfaces should be protected with preparations designed for cement tiles. Impregnation can be done with a roller or brush.

Waxing of cement tiles

A very useful activity, used for stone, wood and brick surfaces. It additionally protects the surface and makes the colours on the tiles more saturated and the tiles take on a nice "healthy" look. It is important that we can choose the wax that suits us best. The choice can be made from satin, matt and glossy waxes.

Date added: 30 June 2020
Author: Julietta Torbus
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