Patterns and Colors
"Fish Scale" - A collection that combines art with nature
Discover the uniqueness of our "Fish Scale" tile collection, where the beauty of nature and precise craftsmanship meet to create a unique aesthetic. This is a true ode to the harmony of nature, immortalized in artfully crafted tiles that are a symphony of colors and patterns, evoking an infinite variety of landscapes. Each tile in […]
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Jagna wall tiles, or what will happen when we combine Polish design and Mexican handicraft?
In the latest delivery you will find not only kitchen accessories from Mexico, well-known Mexican patchworks or hand-made Talavera sinks. We have two surprises for you, today I will write about the first one:Our friends, artisan artists from Mexico, created Jagna wall tiles. In the exotic Dolores Hidalgo, a Mexican city famous for ceramics made […]
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Mexican news versus autumn spleen
New products from Mexico vs. autumn sp.November weather is kind this year, but if someone is missing the sun anyway, our new delivery from Mexico is coming to the rescue 🙂 Ceramesu warehouse already has them and they are just waiting for photos, new sinks, tiles, kitchen accessories, decorations and other Mexican items that will […]
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Talavera Mexican tiles in one colour - 4 versions
Talavera one-colour Mexican tiles are a spectacular way to introduce energetic colours into your home, and at the same time a clever compromise between the desire for a strong accent in the interiors and the love for soothing minimalism. Let's face it, not everyone is a fan of the frenzy of patterns and colours in […]
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Gift ideas - 10 suggestions
Gift ideas urgently needed! Panic, emptiness in your head, nervously going through the list of people you still don't have a Christmas gift for! You know it? If so, then breathe easy, we are here to help! Let this pre-Christmas time pass as pleasantly as possible and let buying gifts be a joyful tradition, not […]
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Mexican tiles in 3 versions
Mexican tiles are like a painter's palette, with which you can paint the interiors of your home in a truly artistic style. They bring a touch of nonchalant extravagance and a visual boost to your home. Wondering if the rich design of Mexican tiles and their hot colour frenzy is right for you? We are […]
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Unique bathroom radiators
A bathroom full of warmth We offer bathroom radiators that not only warm up the interior but also delight any aesthete. Welcome to our autumn review of ways to warm up your home! What is it about autumn that makes us want to create a uniquely cosy and peaceful oasis at home? The secret is […]
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Barro Policromado ceramics - part 2
Tree of life and other products Izúcar is probably best known for its trees of life (a symbol of fertility and the abundant harvest with which newlyweds used to be gifted), which are painted in cheerful, enthusiastic, pastel colours and covered with fruit, birds and biblical stories, usually Adam and Eve. At its most dogmatic, […]
Czytaj Więcej
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