Patterns and Colors
The world of colours - How colours affect our inner and outer world
Analysing the characteristics of different interior styles, we can see a certain regularity. As people move from north to south, their appetite for colour increases. Just compare the simple, austere white, beige and grey Scandinavian style with a sparkling energy, full of strong colours and expressive patterns in the Mexican style. What are the conditions? […]
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Mexican casa on the Vistula
The interior design is often inspired by travels to distant regions of the world. Fascinated by the style of home decoration in exotic countries, we want to bring these arrangements under our roofs. Thanks to this approach, the flats gain an individual character, reflecting the personality of the household members and their passions. There is […]
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Bathroom styles
Bathroom is a place where the residents spend relatively much time. It is worth paying attention to the selection of appropriate finishing and decorative elements that can determine the style of the bathroom. If the bathroom is used only by the household members, you can afford a finish that emphasizes the individualism of the hosts, […]
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Bathroom in Moroccan style
Three cities are considered the capital of Moroccan ceramics: Safi, Fez and Mekenes. It is here that the factories producing the world's most popular and appreciated ceramics are located. The first references to the production of Moroccan ceramics date back to the 8th century, but it flourished in the 15th century.   Characteristics of Moroccan ceramics The […]
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Do not be afraid of patterned tiles
When thinking about the design of a kitchen or bathroom, we often wonder what tiles to use. The heart often tells us how colourful and patterned it is, the mind says - it will stay for years, what will happen when we dress the finish, get bored, when the fashion changes... What then?   Ways of […]
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Patterns of the Kociewie region
The cats were famous for their traditional embroidery patterns, but at one point, this design was almost completely blurred. The reason for this is the development of the textile industry and the supply of cheaper mechanically adorned fabrics to the market. Ethnographers and people researching Polish folk culture were closer to a more popular region […]
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Moroccan ceramic products
Moroccan ceramics is saturated with a conglomerate of different cultures, which with the passing of time have left their mark on the colours and patterns applied to porcelain. Romans, Vandals, Byzantine Greeks, together with their conquests, brought ways of production, colouring and design.  However, Islam, to which the indigenous people of Barber went in the […]
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Talavera ceramics
Ceramic products under the general name of Talavera are products from the town of San Pablo del Monte. It is specified that the first Talavera articles started to be produced in Mexico in the 16th century. The name itself comes from the Spanish town of Talavera de la Reina, where it started to produce this […]
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