Patterns and Colors
Impact of light and colour on architecture
According to the researchers, the main importance for the perception of reality is the construction of the eye. It is the structure that makes us perceive the sum of colours revealed in the light, the structure of the observed materials and their shape. However, light and colour play a decisive role. It is enough to […]
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What are artistic washbasins?
For a dozen or so years now, designers have been moving away from the fairly common, standard way of finishing a bathroom with a built-in bath and washbasin attached to the wall. Freestanding bathtubs and countertop washbasins are increasingly used. The classic freestanding bathtub adds prestige and taste to the interior. Following this path, the […]
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Hourglass floor tiles
Hourglass tiles were made at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. Chronicles speak of the Netherlands as a country that initiated the production and decoration of floors with these very characteristic flees. The tiles are distinguished by their "waist," thanks to which it is possible to arrange the tiles in a very orderly, […]
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Tunisian ceramic tiles
One can find a statement that the original culture and art is mainly a kettledrum of mixed Arabic, Cannanese and Sumerian influences. The most important and best known place of production of ceramic tiles is a port city in northern Tunisia. What characterizes Tunisian tiles? Such multiculturalism has an impact on the design and colouring […]
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Spanish utility ceramics
Historical outline of the creation of utility ceramics Coloured and glazed bricks, which were used to decorate the facades and interiors of old buildings, are considered to be the protoplasts of today's utility ceramics. In their studies, archaeologists write about tiles from around 1300 BC. Initially, the tiles had a decorative character, with time, practical […]
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Oriental Turkish tiles
Iznik is a small, picturesquely situated town in the western part of Turkey and one of the most famous and oldest centres of ceramics production in this country. It is from the town of Iznik that the ceramic tiles, with which the Blue Mosque was decorated, come. These tiles are characterised by their extraordinary artistic […]
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Stamped washbasins from Bolesławiec
Bolesławiec's ceramics have gained fame not only in Poland, but also worldwide. Its history, stylistics and traditional folk climate charms consumers. Products of Zakłady Ceramiczne Bolesławiec are not only beautiful and original style, but also high functionality of products. Also, the washbasins from Bolesławiec available in our shop will surely win your hearts. Each washbasin […]
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Verde - green composition of tiles from Mexico
Patchwork Verde is one of our multi-coloured sets of hand-made tiles from Mexico. Its Spanish name refers to the dominant colours. This is our first patchwork so intensely green. When composing it, we tried to perfectly match the shades of green and balance them with light tiles adding some space to the whole composition. We […]
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