Retro style mixers

Many people prefer modern sanitary faucets, which, apart from the function of opening and closing the water supply valves to the tank, are used to mix the hot and cold water stream.
Modern faucets can be contactless, activating the valves with a photocell or a microprocessor powered by a transformer, for example. The combination with a modernist interior finish gives an avant-garde whole. However, such finishing of the kitchen or bathroom is not always an element fitting the architect's vision going in exactly the opposite direction.

Bathroom sanitary mixers in retro style

Designing a retro kitchen or bathroom can give the designer a lot of possibilities. A classic, even ascetic image of the interior can give a subtle elegance. A very important element of such design is the mixer used. Retro sanitary faucets are often made of copper alloys, e.g. brass, which adds elegance and a bit of sophistication to such a room.

Retro sanitary faucets are best suited for free-standing bathtubs, preferably also made of non-ferrous metals, preferably copper or alloys. They can also be a great addition to artistic washbasins such as hand-painted basins from Bolesławiec or hand-shaped basins. A free-standing bath mixer makes an amazing impression. Recently, brass faucets in black have become very fashionable, giving a classroom and discreet elegance. Often such mixers have ceramic inserts, e.g. at the knobs or spouts.

Retro kitchen faucets

It is impossible not to mention here brass kitchen faucets, which give the room a subtle taste with their design. Often the colour of such faucets is black or in the colour of old gold. Many times an element that occurs in this type of faucets are wooden details, but you should pay attention to what wood they are made of and what their durability will be.

With such a large market offer our project can only be limited by imagination.


Date added: 21 May 2020
Author: Julietta Torbus
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