Mexican home accessories

Ornaments and decorations are an important element of every interior design, indeed, they complement, a kind of "dot over the I" arrangement. We often think about their choice only after we have furnished our house or flat, however, in the case of unique decorations offered by our shop - the addition may be the starting point.

The world of Cerames decoration offers endless possibilities, so in today's post we will carefully present the categories of our Mexican accessories.


The symbolism of La Catrina refers to the Mexican Festival of the Dead. La Catrina is an ornament, a joke, and a great reflection of the Mexican perception of death, towards which everyone becomes equal and which is the gateway between worlds, not the end. Death is the essence of life, which is why its images are depicted as skeletons dancing, drinking and laughing. (For more information on La Catrina, please see our post - In our shop you can find various items with the La Catrina theme, not only figurines but also Mexican tiles.


We offer Mexican products handmade according to the traditional Talavera decorating technique in local manufactories. Mugs, cups, plates, tea sets, capacious salad bowls, platters, plates, glasses - there is really a lot to choose from! A whole range of products that will bring intense colours into the kitchen and dining room - so as to impress even the most demanding guests.


Figurines representing Mexican culture in its pure form, referring to the sacred art, symbolism and traditions of this country. Manufactured using methods from the region of La Puerta de la Mixteca, hence often referred to as Mixtec ceramics. The production method is characterised by the artist's great attention to detail and deep colour saturation. In this category you can choose from different types of candlesticks, figurines or pictures - all saturated with colour and reflecting the uniqueness of Mexican culture.


This is the most general category, where you will find colourful Mexican accessories to decorate your interiors and gardens. We mainly have ceramic figurines of animals, but not only. We also offer utility products, such as vases and pots, and bathroom sets. New in this category are also magnets, which we can use to decorate e.g. fridges.

The possibilities for using our Mexican accessories are endless - it just depends on your creativity. Many stories with Ceramese start with the decoration and end with... A complete redesign 🙂

Date added: 5 August 2021
Author: Julietta Torbus
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