Do not be afraid of patterned tiles

When thinking about the design of a kitchen or bathroom, we often wonder what tiles to use. The heart often tells us how colourful and patterned it is, the mind says - it will stay for years, what will happen when we dress the finish, get bored, when the fashion changes... What then?

  Ways of combining single-colour patterned tiles

Let's assume that we don't want to give up patterned tiles, we want our room to be different from others finished in a standard, popular way. Maybe it is worth thinking about patterned tiles in one colour or its shades?


Tiles of glaze or terracotta can be decorated with geometrical patterns, floral symbols, decorations taken from folk or religious culture. Tiles can be combined with each other by selecting the same patterns or harmoniously arranging tiles decorated with different decorations. This way of arranging the tiles is called patchwork. This solution allows for the use of patterned, one-colour tiles, while maintaining the subtle character of the room.

Using coloured tiles

Patterned tiles of various colours offer a whole range of possibilities. They can be used as surface decorations, decors or to decorate a selected surface. By choosing the right tile you can mark the character of the room, give it the right atmosphere and mood.

Of course, one should pay attention to harmony, so that the finishing of the space is consistent and staying in it is not tiring.

Depending on the room in which the patterned tiles will be applied and what we want to achieve with this, we can choose tiles with a less contrasting pattern, which will allow for a more subdued surface or more saturated tile decorations, thanks to which we can properly emphasize the character of the place.

Higher education driving school - patchwork

The very choice of patchwork as a way of finishing underlines the bold and original character of the designer. The choice of patchwork tiles is huge, ranging from single-colour tiles that can be joined together to a variety of patterned, multi-coloured tiles that can suggest potential chaos and ultimately achieve a unique interior finish.

Patchwork can be obtained from tiles in various shapes and sizes. Hexagonal, square and rectangular tiles are suitable here. An amazing effect can be achieved by arranging the patchwork from small tiles with a side dimension of 2-5 centimetres.

Recently very fashionable tiles from Mexico, Morocco or Tunisia. Due to the design history of the countries of origin, they blend in perfectly. When hand-painted ceramics are used, an amazing oriental character of the space is achieved. It is worth noting that patchwork tiles inspired by Polish culture and design can be found more and more often.

Patchwork tiles will prove themselves in almost every room. We are limited only by fantasy and good taste. A subtle monochromatic patchwork will look amazing in the bathroom, while a colourful pattern will work well in the kitchen, e.g. over a worktop. Patterned tiles will be perfect on the terrace, loggia or balcony.

So are you afraid of patterned tiles? Certainly not, however, it is worth using them in a thoughtful and appropriate way for the character of the room.

Date added: 29 September 2020
Author: Julietta Torbus
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