The Copper History of Santa Clara Del Cobre - Part II

Why copper

Forging in copper is a craft, a time consuming job done entirely by hand. An order for a copper sink may begin a process that takes several weeks, but the result is a unique, high quality copper product that will last for years and become the leading and prominent feature of an artfully designed kitchen, bathroom or living room.

What makes copper objects unique apart from the noble production process? Copper itself is responsible for all the magic! It is worth taking advantage of the properties of this functional material.
First and foremost, copper is resistant to the gentle passage of time, it is durable and long-lasting, and is not affected by corrosion or physical predation.

Copper stores heat and at the same time is resistant to high temperatures. This parameter is particularly important in the case of sanitary installations, such as a copper bathtub or a copper washbasin. This material accumulates and retains heat much better than plastic or acrylic. Importantly, copper has aseptic properties - bacteria in the water are neutralised and the water is purified. Copper is non-flammable, resistant to UV radiation, and does not emit any harmful substances. The above characteristics perfectly show how safe and sterile copper is. It has a positive impact on human health and life, and on the state of the natural environment (ecological aspect - recycling).

Stylishness of copper handicrafts

It is unrivalled in terms of aesthetics and versatility. It has a distinctive appearance in a range of colours from light metallic, through iridescent brown and even black to greenish snow (patina). Copper is an ideal choice in contemporary, modern arrangements. It is the quintessence of matching and universality. It adds an element of distinctiveness, uniqueness and phenomenality. It enriches and makes every space more attractive. In the case of copper lamps it is a warm colour, which emanates when reflecting light reflections. A copper ceiling lamp thus creates a certain moodiness, cosiness, intimacy, pleasure in being in the secluded embrace of warm light. It is the ideal choice, especially if you are pressed for time and want something more subtle than classic gold, silver or chrome. Copper blends in freely and effectively, without losing its characteristic charm and allure, with rustic, country and idyllic spaces, adding clarity and determination. At the same time it warms, harmonises, complements and gently breaks the severity of industrial spaces, such as loft interiors. In a word, copper warms every home!

Date added: 26 October 2021
Author: Julietta Torbus
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