Gift ideas - 10 suggestions

Gift ideas urgently needed! Panic, emptiness in your head, nervously going through the list of people you still don't have a Christmas gift for! You know it? If so, then breathe easy, we are here to help! Let this pre-Christmas time pass as pleasantly as possible and let buying gifts be a joyful tradition, not a chore!

Our shop is best known for its handmade wall and floor tiles and original washbasins and mixers. But what we are particularly fond of are the decorative objects we offer - perfect gift ideas! We would definitely recommend these to anyone who, like us, loves a tasteful interior and attaches great importance to decorative details. 

Unusual gift ideas

We are happy to recommend some delightful items that are sure to captivate lovers of exotic handicrafts.  These gift ideas will delight any aesthete!


We start our review of gift ideas straight away with the most charming decorative items we have in our range. The abundance of handmade figurines straight from Mexico guarantees that every art lover of Mexican artists will find something for themselves. Our absolute sales hits are the colourful frogs to hang on the wall and the hanging parrots. Many customers also buy the famous figurines referring to the Mexican Dia de los Muertos tradition - see how many there are in our offer.

Decorative number for the front door

Don't have any ideas for a gift for someone who has recently moved into a new place or is about to do so? A charming and inexpensive gift will be a ceramic ornamental door number. In this case, it is not even important, if the gifted person intends to decorate the interior in an exotic style. A cheerful and colourful tile with a flat number will be a nice decoration on your front door, no matter, what style you have inside. 

Plant pots

Plant lovers have been growing at an exceptional rate in recent times. More and more of us want to surround ourselves with greenery at home, and by looking after plants, soothe our nerves and delight our eyes. Great gift ideas for every plant grower are hand-made ceramic pot holders. Even if the interior of the recipient's home is subdued, a colourful pot will be a phenomenal setting for the noble green of the plant. 

Fridge magnets

And now gift ideas from the less obliging series. It used to be fashionable to collect stamps, nowadays… fridge magnets! Most of such collections are about collecting souvenirs from your travels. However, a magnet styled after traditional Mexican tiles can be an incentive for a future or a reference to a past trip to Mexico. Just like in the case of a decorative tile with a house number for the door, in the case of a fridge magnet you should not be afraid that this small decorative gadget will not fit in the interior of the person who receives it. After all, fridge magnets are all about variety!


Gift ideas - evergreens. A mug is certainly one of them! It is a combination of a practical and decorative gift. You can never have enough of mugs, and even if the kitchen cupboard at home is already bursting at the seams, an original, unmistakable mug, carried by the gifted person to work, will be a guarantee that it will not change its owner again, and coffee during company meetings will gain a more cheerful setting. In our offer you will find both ceramic and copper mugs


Even in a minimalist flat, a fabulously colourful vase decorated in exotic patterns will find a perfect match. Vases are ideal gift ideas especially for women who appreciate original design and like unusual accessories. In such a vase, even a humble field flower will look royal.


From November to March we long for light in Poland. That is why, during these months, we so eagerly place lanterns and candlesticks around our homes. A table decoration during meetings with friends, an atmospheric addition to an evening with a good book, an indispensable detail creating the atmosphere during romantic dinners - a candle! In the Cerames shop, among numerous gift ideas, you will find a whole range of candle holders - from traditional to more flirty shapes.

Ceramic tissue holder

For aesthetes who appreciate original and decorative everyday objects, a ceramic handkerchief handmade by Mexican artisans is a perfect gift idea. Especially during the cold season, a tissue box can become a rather prominent item. So why not make sure that its appearance is delightful instead of just a reminder of a blocked nose?

Bathroom set

If you know the recipient of the gift well enough to know what style their bathroom is decorated in, and it just so happens that this style veers heavily towards the exotic, then you might be tempted to go a little bigger and choose one of the fantastically colourful bathroom sets, which include:

  • soap dish
  • liquid soap container with dispenser 
  • water cup 
  • toothbrush holder 
  • packaging for tissue box
  • trash can

Tupperware for serving food

Our last suggestion in the gift ideas series is another practical and decorative option. In our shop you will find many different kinds of dishes for serving snacks and meals. Nachos or guacamole served in ceramic bowls will become even more exotic! 

A little bit of Mexico under the Christmas tree 

So, if you are not convinced with the idea of buying another pair of socks under the Christmas tree, and your loved one is a person, who likes unusual design and beautiful objects, our shop turns into a factory of elves and Father Christmas, especially for you. We are sure that among all these beautiful items from Mexico, you will find numerous gift ideas and something that will make someone happy this Christmas.

Date added: 22 December 2021
Author: Cerames
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