Mexican news versus autumn spleen

New products from Mexico vs. autumn sp.November weather is kind this year, but if someone is missing the sun anyway, our new delivery from Mexico is coming to the rescue 🙂 Ceramesu warehouse already has them and they are just waiting for photos, new sinks, tiles, kitchen accessories, decorations and other Mexican items that will help you cheer up the interiors of your homes.

Tea with raspberries after an autumn walk will be even more warming when you serve it in a colorful mug made of Talavera ceramics. Or maybe morning coffee in a cup with a relief, the only one of its kind, unrepeatable?

Hand-made decorations that you can not only see, but also feel under your fingers, can also be found on other Mexican products. You can, for example, snack on healthy (or unhealthy, whatever you like;)) Snacks from a platter in which each delicacy has a separate bowl.

What else is missing to make an autumn evening perfect? Maybe atmospheric candlelight in an original Mexican candlestick?

When there is less and less green outside the window, it remains to enjoy house plants. Mexican artists have made and decorated pots and vases for you, in various shapes and sizes. Pots are not only beautiful, but also practical. A hole in the bottom for drainage of excess water and ceramic stands of appropriate depth will provide your plants with optimal conditions. Mexican vase and Polish flowers, colorful leaves or rowan twigs? Why not! Warm tones connect and make you smile, even when it's raining outside.

Look for new products in the Cerames store or grab colorful pearls from the previous delivery, which are available right now. Soon I will tell you about more surprises in the assortment, at least two things will surprise everyone 😉

Date added: 15 November 2022
Author: Julietta Torbus
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