Bathroom styles

Bathroom is a place where the residents spend relatively much time. It is worth paying attention to the selection of appropriate finishing and decorative elements that can determine the style of the bathroom.

If the bathroom is used only by the household members, you can afford a finish that emphasizes the individualism of the hosts, while if it is also used by guests, it should be functional and easy to maintain hygiene.

However, let's assume that the bathroom is only used by the household, and the style reflects the preferences and tastes of the host. What kind of bathroom finish can we encounter?

The art deco bathroom

You need more space to finish your bathroom in this style. Such a bathroom is characterised by splendour, and the elements placed in it reveal that the host values luxury. The art deco bathroom is dominated by smooth glass, chrome-plated steel, exotic wood, bronze and copper elements. It often happens that decorative details are made of alloys or pure silver. Art deco is of first-class quality and perfect functionality.

The dominant colours in art deco are white, grey, beige and contrasting black.

Colonial style bathroom

It is a British elegance, characterized by an orderly, even predictable arrangement, with additions from Africa or Asia. Belts, spots, spots placed geometrically are often broken with Tunisian or Moroccan patchwork. Decorative accessories in the form of ethnic figures of people or animals complete the whole. The main colours in the colonial style are beige, yellow, brown, red and orange.

Bathroom in the minimalist style

Finishing of such a bathroom is characterized by simplicity and the smallest number of elements that can make the space more attractive. Often in such bathrooms no tiles are applied to the surface, and if they are already installed, they have a simple form and usually no patterns. Materials used in such bathrooms are glass, concrete and steel. The colours are usually shades of white and grey. Often in this type of bathrooms recycled materials are used, called ecological.

Bathroom in Mexican style

The bathroom is primarily a colour palette of original Mexican products. Very popular Mexican tile patchworks are laid on the surface of walls or as decors in particularly exposed places. A very popular element of bathroom furnishings in Mexican style is a table top wash basin, often hand-painted, which is the main decorative element of the bathroom. Ceramic elements from Mexico, such as figures in the shape of the sun, moon, people and animals can also be declared. Very characteristic elements of Mexican art are La Catrina figurines representing a skeleton dressed in colourful robes.

Bathroom in African style

African style bathrooms use elements referring to the African continent, so colouring in the form of zebra, motifs, all kinds of masks are very popular elements of such bathroom equipment. The main colours of the African-style bathroom are the colours of the desert, i.e. yellow, orange, red and contrasting white and black. More and more often investors use in their bathrooms tiles made in Tunisia or tiles from Morocco.

Bathroom in eclectic style

Eclecticism, or combining styles, can cause chaos in the bathroom. This style requires careful thought and attention. It is good to accentuate places with the style of your choice. For example, a shower booth can be equipped with Mexican patchwork and the area around the wash basin can be minimalist and simple.

Date added: 21 October 2020
Author: Julietta Torbus
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