Talavera Mexican tiles in one colour - 4 versions

Talavera one-colour Mexican tiles are a spectacular way to introduce energetic colours into your home, and at the same time a clever compromise between the desire for a strong accent in the interiors and the love for soothing minimalism. Let's face it, not everyone is a fan of the frenzy of patterns and colours in interior design, but who among us has not once had their heart beat faster at the sight of phenomenally colourful elements of interior design? So why not indulge in an innocent love affair with a stronger colour palette, even if your home is decorated in a universal, minimalist style? One-coloured Mexican tiles from Talavera are a guarantee that this side-step will have a happy ending!

No one who has long been passionate about the hot temperament of Mexican ceramics needs to be persuaded to buy one-coloured Mexican tiles. Single-coloured Mexican tiles are the perfect backdrop for the lively patterns, with which the Mexican ceramics are strongly associated. 

Let's have a look at some impressive ideas for using one-coloured Mexican tiles.

Single colour Mexican tiles in the bathroom

Imagine taking an invigorating shower, where you are instantly given a boost of superpowers at a glance! Prepare some cosmetics with your favourite scents and for a few moments move your thoughts to sunny Mexico… 

One-coloured Mexican tiles are the perfect finishing touch to the shower line, in both classic and exotic style bathrooms. A strong colour in the shower area is especially suitable for slightly larger bathrooms, whose cubature excludes the fear of optical diminution of the room. On the other hand, if your bathroom is small and you want a strong colour accent, remember to incorporate single-colour Mexican tiles harmoniously into quieter, more subdued surfaces. Small rooms, above all, like the visual calm and the aforementioned harmony, then even strong colours will find their way there perfectly. 

Talavera mono colour in the kitchen

The interior hit of recent years are patterned Mexican tiles, known as patchwork, the pride of the local craftsmen. The variety of patterns in these tiles is simply stunning! In our shop we have a wide range of them - from tiles with classic floral motifs, to those referring explicitly to Mexican culture and tradition, such as those depicting skulls associated mainly with Dia de los Muertes or with image of famous artist Frida Kahlo. 

However, single-colour Mexican Talavera tiles are also very popular among clients planning to finish their kitchen. This is hardly surprising, as one-colour Mexican tile compositions are eye-catching and match virtually all interior design styles. There is no fear of excessive splendour or a multitude of details overwhelming some, so other decorative elements, even those abounding in patterns and colours, will still work well against their background. Try a multi-coloured mosaic of solid Mexican tiles, choosing from a warm or cold colour palette. Or, of course, you can use just one colour. Both versions are eye-catching and will delight not only die-hard fans of Mexican ceramics!

Patio or balcony in Mexican hacienda style

If you are the lucky owner of a large terrace or even if you have a small balcony, you can make this extension of your outdoor space into a real Mexican oasis! One-coloured Mexican tiles placed on a part or even the whole balustrade or colourful compositions made of them on the wall are an interesting background for plants, especially exotic ones. A collection of cacti or palm trees, which like to spend summer on balconies, will feel great in such company. Balcony chic and style are not only about minimalist pots and technorattan! 

Speaking of plants, why not decorate a dull concrete pot with a mosaic of single-colour Mexican Talavera tiles? It's an original and eye-catching balcony decoration that can rival the beauty of many plants. 

Coffee table with a hot temperament 

Exposure to beautiful home furnishings stimulates our sense of aesthetics and encourages creativity! Let your imagination run wild and use one-coloured Mexican tiles to conjure up remarkable objects for your home. Boring TV cabinet? A dull coffee table? But change it! Life is too short to settle for banal furniture! All it takes is a few solid-coloured Mexican tiles, an unusual idea and some free time to give your home a unique decorative element. Of course, here we encourage you to spread your wings and experiment with different compositions, combining, for example, single-coloured Mexican tiles with those with rich patterns. 

This combination will work in all the places mentioned in this article, as single-coloured Mexican tiles are perfect for creating interesting colourful surfaces. They can be used as a border for the famous Mexican multi-coloured mosaics, or conversely, they can be the main actor in a fanciful frame of patterned tiles. You are only limited by your own imagination and… the surface area!

Mexico in a quieter version

If until now, you have associated Mexico in interiors with a glamorous festival of patterns and colours, and when you say "Mexican tiles", you immediately think of splendour and a colourful kaleidoscope of different ornaments, we hope that our article has changed your mind and you will appreciate the more subdued face of ceramics from Mexico. Single-coloured Mexican tiles, although calm and balanced, still delight with their colours and invite to create extraordinary colourful mosaics or compositions using these patterned tiles as well. 

Besides, it should be remembered that although monochromatic, these tiles will never be uniform and identical. Due to the fact that they are painted by hand, they vary in shades. This makes each tile one of a kind! 

This proposal of one-coloured Mexican tiles of Talavera type, also known as Majolica, may be the beginning of your fascination with Mexican trends in interior design. Or maybe you are already a big fan?

Date added: 2 February 2022
Author: Julietta Torbus
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