Preserve the beauty of copper - how to care for copper washbasins and sinks?
any space, and additionally have natural properties that kill a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms. However, like any material, they require proper care to maintain their unique appearance.
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Types and uses of tiles
Tiles can be used for finishing floors and walls in all rooms of our house or flat. Additionally, they can be used as a decorative element or laid on terrace surfaces - provided that they have the appropriate technical parameters. Regardless of the chosen location, it is worth considering carefully before purchase whether they will […]
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New Season - Time for Change!
Spring is the best time to start renovating your home or flat. Whether you're planning a major or a minor renovation, you'll find plenty of products that will transform your space on our website. Despite appearances, renovation does not have to consume all our savings - if we decide to replace sinks or accessories. Spring […]
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Types of our washbasins - how do we choose the perfect one?
Today's washbasins come in a variety of shapes, forms and materials. Whether you're renovating or creating a new space, it's worth exploring all the options so you can be sure to make the right choice for your dream product. That's why in today's post, we're going to take a look at all of our basin […]
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The world of colours - How colours affect our inner and outer world
Analysing the characteristics of different interior styles, we can see a certain regularity. As people move from north to south, their appetite for colour increases. Just compare the simple, austere white, beige and grey Scandinavian style with a sparkling energy, full of strong colours and expressive patterns in the Mexican style. What are the conditions? […]
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Differences between glaze, terracotta and stoneware
Glaze In most cases, the tiles are made of a mineral material, which is kaolin. The material is preformed into the required shape and then the tiles are fired in an oven. As a rule, this is a temperature between 1000 and 1100 degrees. The raw material of glazing ceramics has quite high water absorption, […]
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Copper in the kitchen
In ancient times, copper was mined in Cyprus, hence its name cuprum. Copper has a very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Due to the fact that copper is a fairly expensive metal, copper alloys with tin and zinc are mainly used in kitchens, which are called bronzes and brasses, although pure copper products can also […]
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Do not be afraid of patterned tiles
When thinking about the design of a kitchen or bathroom, we often wonder what tiles to use. The heart often tells us how colourful and patterned it is, the mind says - it will stay for years, what will happen when we dress the finish, get bored, when the fashion changes... What then?   Ways of […]
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