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Mystical Mexico - a video presenting Mixtec ceramics
Immerse yourself in the beauty and intensity of Mexico's cultural heritage in this video featuring figurines created by Cerames. Each figurine is a striking testament to precise, handcrafted work, where the craftsman's keen eye reveals every detail and adds an explosion of color that is unique to the region. This film is full of mystical […]
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Mexican party - 5 top recipes
A Mexican party? Carnival is the perfect time to dress up as Frida Kahlo or the music of traditional Mariachi bands! The hot atmosphere of a Mexican fiesta will warm up the coldest January weather, the lively rhythm of Latin music will not leave anyone indifferent and will entice everyone to dance, and the warming […]
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Barro Policromado ceramics - part 1
Polychrome clay Nowadays in Mexico we can distinguish three main centres that are engaged in the noble art of clay firing and that maintain the artisanal mystery and venerable tradition. Topographically these are Izúcar de Matamoros and Acatlán in Puebla and Metepec in the State of Mexico. Only they specialise in polychrome clay (that is, […]
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Mexican home accessories
Ornaments and decorations are an important element of every interior design, indeed, they complement, a kind of "dot over the I" arrangement. We often think about their choice only after we have furnished our house or flat, however, in the case of unique decorations offered by our shop - the addition may be the starting […]
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Turkish tiles - history
The roots of Turkish tiles and ceramics date back to the 8th and 9th centuries, when the Uyghurs, along with the Seljuks, brought their influence to Anatolia. The city of İznik was the most active centre and a technically advanced area, receiving designs from Ottoman court artists for completion and then sending them back to […]
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La Catrina
La Catrina, also known as La Calavera Garbancera, was originally created by Jose Guadalupe Posada and later named, painted and dressed by Mexican painter and illustrator Diego Rivera on one of his murals. Over time, the Calavera Catrina (translated literally-corpse skull) has become one of the symbols of Mexican national identity, the essence of which […]
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Mexican casa on the Vistula
The interior design is often inspired by travels to distant regions of the world. Fascinated by the style of home decoration in exotic countries, we want to bring these arrangements under our roofs. Thanks to this approach, the flats gain an individual character, reflecting the personality of the household members and their passions. There is […]
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The colours of Mexico - tequila
The ability to produce cheerful drinks has been mastered since they began to lead a settled lifestyle. Archaeological research shows that about 10 000 years ago our ancestors began to ferment the grain from which they produced alcohol. According to Professor Robert Dudley of the University of California at Berkeley, the propensity to smell ethanol […]
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