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Mystical Mexico - a video presenting Mixtec ceramics
Immerse yourself in the beauty and intensity of Mexico's cultural heritage in this video featuring figurines created by Cerames. Each figurine is a striking testament to precise, handcrafted work, where the craftsman's keen eye reveals every detail and adds an explosion of color that is unique to the region. This film is full of mystical […]
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Frida Kahlo - 5 interesting facts about the artist
Frida Kahlo is an iconic figure. Who does not know this charismatic Mexican artist with her characteristic knitted eyebrows and slight moustache? Her image is so well known all over the world, if only because the painter focused largely on self-portraits in her work. She created as many as 55 of them because, as she […]
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Barro Policromado ceramics - part 2
Tree of life and other products Izúcar is probably best known for its trees of life (a symbol of fertility and the abundant harvest with which newlyweds used to be gifted), which are painted in cheerful, enthusiastic, pastel colours and covered with fruit, birds and biblical stories, usually Adam and Eve. At its most dogmatic, […]
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Barro Policromado ceramics - part 1
Polychrome clay Nowadays in Mexico we can distinguish three main centres that are engaged in the noble art of clay firing and that maintain the artisanal mystery and venerable tradition. Topographically these are Izúcar de Matamoros and Acatlán in Puebla and Metepec in the State of Mexico. Only they specialise in polychrome clay (that is, […]
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The Copper History of Santa Clara Del Cobre - Part II
Why copper Forging in copper is a craft, a time consuming job done entirely by hand. An order for a copper sink may begin a process that takes several weeks, but the result is a unique, high quality copper product that will last for years and become the leading and prominent feature of an artfully […]
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The Copper History of Santa Clara Del Cobre - Part I
"Cobre" means "copper" "On sunny days there is a distinctive orange glow around the market in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico. It is a reflection from the copper wares hanging in front of the shops, the copper kettle hanging on top of the kiosk that marks the centre of town, and the pillars, roofs and […]
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La Catrina
La Catrina, also known as La Calavera Garbancera, was originally created by Jose Guadalupe Posada and later named, painted and dressed by Mexican painter and illustrator Diego Rivera on one of his murals. Over time, the Calavera Catrina (translated literally-corpse skull) has become one of the symbols of Mexican national identity, the essence of which […]
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The colours of Mexico - tequila
The ability to produce cheerful drinks has been mastered since they began to lead a settled lifestyle. Archaeological research shows that about 10 000 years ago our ancestors began to ferment the grain from which they produced alcohol. According to Professor Robert Dudley of the University of California at Berkeley, the propensity to smell ethanol […]
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