Mexican news versus autumn spleen
New products from Mexico vs. autumn sp.November weather is kind this year, but if someone is missing the sun anyway, our new delivery from Mexico is coming to the rescue 🙂 Ceramesu warehouse already has them and they are just waiting for photos, new sinks, tiles, kitchen accessories, decorations and other Mexican items that will […]
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Barro Policromado ceramics - part 2
Tree of life and other products Izúcar is probably best known for its trees of life (a symbol of fertility and the abundant harvest with which newlyweds used to be gifted), which are painted in cheerful, enthusiastic, pastel colours and covered with fruit, birds and biblical stories, usually Adam and Eve. At its most dogmatic, […]
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The Copper History of Santa Clara Del Cobre - Part II
Why copper Forging in copper is a craft, a time consuming job done entirely by hand. An order for a copper sink may begin a process that takes several weeks, but the result is a unique, high quality copper product that will last for years and become the leading and prominent feature of an artfully […]
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The Copper History of Santa Clara Del Cobre - Part I
"Cobre" means "copper" "On sunny days there is a distinctive orange glow around the market in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico. It is a reflection from the copper wares hanging in front of the shops, the copper kettle hanging on top of the kiosk that marks the centre of town, and the pillars, roofs and […]
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Mexican home accessories
Ornaments and decorations are an important element of every interior design, indeed, they complement, a kind of "dot over the I" arrangement. We often think about their choice only after we have furnished our house or flat, however, in the case of unique decorations offered by our shop - the addition may be the starting […]
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Patterns of the Kociewie region
The cats were famous for their traditional embroidery patterns, but at one point, this design was almost completely blurred. The reason for this is the development of the textile industry and the supply of cheaper mechanically adorned fabrics to the market. Ethnographers and people researching Polish folk culture were closer to a more popular region […]
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Moroccan ceramic products
Moroccan ceramics is saturated with a conglomerate of different cultures, which with the passing of time have left their mark on the colours and patterns applied to porcelain. Romans, Vandals, Byzantine Greeks, together with their conquests, brought ways of production, colouring and design.  However, Islam, to which the indigenous people of Barber went in the […]
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What are artistic washbasins?
For a dozen or so years now, designers have been moving away from the fairly common, standard way of finishing a bathroom with a built-in bath and washbasin attached to the wall. Freestanding bathtubs and countertop washbasins are increasingly used. The classic freestanding bathtub adds prestige and taste to the interior. Following this path, the […]
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