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Oriental Turkish tiles

Written by Julietta Torbus

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Iznik is a small, picturesquely situated town in the western part of Turkey and one of the most famous and oldest centres of ceramics production in this country. It is from the town of Iznik that the ceramic tiles, with which the Blue Mosque was decorated, come.

See all the patterns!

These tiles are characterised by their extraordinary artistic qualities. Intricate patterns and rich colours are the main features of Turkish ceramics. We see in it influences of Arabic, Persian, Byzantine and even Chinese art. The most popular are floral motifs and abstract symmetrical and geometric compositions.

By arranging a small pattern of Turkish tiles we can give the interior a truly oriental atmosphere. The tiles will fit perfectly into any interior, including those with a more modern style. With their rich pattern, they will attract the eye and make every corner of the building more attractive.

See all the patterns!

Interestingly, Iznik tiles – due to their durability – can be used on walls in all types of rooms, as well as on terraces and swimming pools. Maybe you too will fall in love with these beautiful oriental tiles from Turkey 😉


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