Unique bathroom radiators

A bathroom full of warmth

We offer bathroom radiators that not only warm up the interior but also delight any aesthete. Welcome to our autumn review of ways to warm up your home!

What is it about autumn that makes us want to create a uniquely cosy and peaceful oasis at home? The secret is probably in our instinctive desire to protect ourselves from the darkness, frost and cold that are creeping up on us. Thirsty for warmth, we take long hot baths and turn up the bathroom heaters. We often defend ourselves by placing aromatic candles around the house, throwing thick blankets and soft cushions on the sofas and choosing accessories in the warm colours of golden autumn. We create a cosy and warm asylum for grey days and long evenings. Autumn is a special time for those who succumb to the magical aura of nature's passing into dormancy. And a perfect moment to prepare your home for a long period of cold and dark days. Unique bathroom radiators will also help to conjure up such a warm atmosphere.

Bring light and warmth into your home

Whatever style your home is decorated in, the easiest way to create a charming atmosphere is with aromatic candles and decorative lanterns. You could also try replacing your lamps with copper ones, whose unique colour will emphasize the warmth of the light and create a special atmosphere in the room.

Or opt for ceramic decorations, reminiscent of warm countries and exotic travels. Their wealth of colours will easily brighten up the gloom of any grey November day!

Of course, no amount of decorating and no amount of fancy accessories can warm up your home without proper heating. Today's possibilities in this area and the wealth of forms in radiators, including bathroom radiators, fortunately give a lot of scope for all those who love beautiful and unusual objects in interiors and do not like aesthetic compromises.

Warm up the atmosphere in your bathroom

When thinking about radiators, we usually focus on the living room and rooms where we spend a lot of time. Meanwhile, choosing a bathroom radiator is quite an art. Today we rarely approach the subject of decorating this place in a purely functional way. Bathrooms are increasingly competing with other parts of the house in terms of beauty, becoming elegant and atmospheric bathing salons. The trendy trend towards home spas is encouraging people to stay in them longer and longer. Therefore, it has become important to refine the accessories so that they harmonise perfectly with each other and fulfil not only practical functions, but also decorate the space. After a cold, windy and rainy autumn day, nothing is more tempting than an evening bath in a candlelit, beautiful bathroom full of cosy warmth. Add to this soothing music and a glass of your favourite wine and you have the recipe for the perfect autumn evening.

In a perfectly composed bathroom, every detail should harmonise with the whole and emphasise its character. Bathroom design is not only about wall tiles, washbasins and fittings. Most often it is difficult to match a bathroom radiator to the whole, so that while fulfilling its basic function it does not interfere with the appearance of this room. However, if it is able to complement it properly, we can talk about a decorative success!

Cerames bathroom radiators

If you're eagerly counting down to your evening candlelit bath, remember to switch on your bathroom heater first! Luckily, none of the radiators available in the Cerames range, due to their substantial appearance, will be forgettable. The shop's range consists of retro and modern style bathroom radiators. They are offered in many sizes and colour versions. What is more, it is possible to modify the radiator in any way you like, for example by changing it to an electric system by adding a heater or replacing the decorative elements. This is because radiators from Cerames are custom-made products, according to the customer's taste and preferences. This is all to ensure that the bathroom radiator is not only a purely utilitarian device, but also becomes a real and fully-fledged decoration of the bathroom!

When you have aromatic candles, warming accessories and warming bath oils and you think you are ready for the autumn cold, take a moment to think about whether the radiators in your interiors, apart from heating the temperature, are also pleasing to the eye and match the style of your decorating concept? If not, check out the unique collection of bathroom radiators available at Cerames!

Cerames bathroom radiators - frequently asked questions

1) Are valves included in the set?

Valves must be purchased separately. The valves will be supplied in the same colour as the radiator.

2. Can I specify my own dimensions and shape of the radiator?

Yes, it is possible to modify the dimensions for an individual order. For this purpose you should send a request by e-mail.

3. Is the radiator suitable for water?

The radiator is suitable for connection to the central heating system, but it is possible to convert it to electric at the request of the customer.

4. Is it possible to convert the radiator to electric?

Yes, the radiator can be converted to electric on request. An electric heater is fitted and the radiator is filled with a special solution. This is an option at extra cost.

5 Will the valves and the radiator be the same colour?

Yes, because our radiators are offered on request, it is no problem to buy valves in the same colour as the radiator.

6. What is the production time?

The waiting time for a bathroom radiator varies from 3 to 5 weeks.

7. how far is the radiator fixed from the wall?

It is situated at a distance of 3-5 cm from the wall. It is possible to adjust this distance.

8. what is the valve spacing?

It depends on the model of the radiator. This can be checked on the technical drawing or by contacting Cerames customer service.

9. Can the valves be bled?

Yes, they are designed for this purpose.

Date added: 2 November 2021
Author: Julietta Torbus
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