New Season - Time for Change!

Spring is the best time to start renovating your home or flat. Whether you're planning a major or a minor renovation, you'll find plenty of products that will transform your space on our website. Despite appearances, renovation does not have to consume all our savings - if we decide to replace sinks or accessories.

Spring weather is perfect for both simple and small corrections when it comes to interior décor and carrying out key works. Where to start? What to decide on? Our today's guide comes with a helping hand.

Where to start?

At the very beginning it is worth to think about the place we want to change. For years programmes on the subject of renovations have been very popular - this is a positive sign, which proves that attractive interior design is very important for Poles. We dream about changes and we want to live beautifully. The offer of our shop is created to facilitate this process.

If we have already chosen the space we want to change, it's worth collecting a few inspirations and then determining the budget. Changes don't have to be that expensive - if you decide to change a detail or choose new accessories.

What to choose?

There are lots of options, so check out our website where you'll find lots of product categories:

Tiles - both floor and wall tiles - which are perfect for rearranging your home as well as the outdoors - a unique terrace or space under the stairs, filled with colourful accents, will add character to your space.

Sinks - unique, handmade Moroccan, Mexican or Polish washbasins. All the countertop and inset washbasins on offer have a unique style - plus they are made from a variety of materials - from classic ceramics, to copper, to petrified wood or onyx.

Copper - all products made of copper are forged in Mexico by true artisans. Each lamp, bathtub or accessory is a true work of art.

Decoration - for products in this category, we have many elements to choose from - each of them unique and referring to the local culture of the place in which it was made. A candlestick, a magnet, kitchenware elements, or La Catrina figurines - the possibilities are endless!

If a renovation is a necessary evil and you are not sure how to prepare for it, feel free to contact us or visit our showroom in Warsaw, where our experts will be happy to share their knowledge and ideas.

Date added: 29 June 2021
Author: Julietta Torbus
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