Jagna wall tiles, or what will happen when we combine Polish design and Mexican handicraft?

In the latest delivery you will find not only kitchen accessories from Mexico, well-known Mexican patchworks or hand-made Talavera sinks. We have two surprises for you, today I will write about the first one:
Our friends, artisan artists from Mexico, created Jagna wall tiles.

In the exotic Dolores Hidalgo, a Mexican city famous for ceramics made using traditional methods, Talavera ceramic tiles have been decorated with a Polish pattern.
The motif of a paper dancer, from Polish folk cut-outs popular in the 19th century, appears on Mexican tiles in the universal colors of deep navy blue and ecru. Simple form, perfect proportions, flexibility in arranging interesting compositions make Jagna tiles widely used in interiors of very different styles.

If you are looking for something really special, you like Mexican handicrafts and Polish design, Jagna Mexican wall tiles cannot escape your attention 🙂

Date added: 28 December 2022
Author: Julietta Torbus
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