Mexican tiles in 3 versions

Mexican tiles are like a painter's palette, with which you can paint the interiors of your home in a truly artistic style. They bring a touch of nonchalant extravagance and a visual boost to your home. Wondering if the rich design of Mexican tiles and their hot colour frenzy is right for you? We are convinced that yes! Introducing this sometimes crazy, sometimes subdued, but still distinctive accent to your home will determine the whole atmosphere of the room, and skilful play with colourful patterns straight from Mexico will make you conjure up an extraordinary atmosphere in your home. Mexican tiles are truly stunning!

But Mexico!

Close your eyes and think about what Mexico means to you? Dream holidays by the blue sea? Great, wonderfully aromatic food and tequila bubbling in your head? Or perhaps with the country's exceptionally fascinating folklore and captivating culture?

Well, with the right amount of imagination, you can almost see it all when you admire the Mexican tiles available in our shop. However, if you think that tiles from Mexico are an interior madness of patterns and colours, which only eccentric interior designers can decide on, you are sorely mistaken, from which we hope to quickly lead you!

Explore 3 reveals featuring Mexican tiles from artisans in this hot, fascinating country:

  1. solid-coloured tiles
  2. cobalt and white patchwork
  3. coloured tiles with distinctive Mexican patterns

All the colours of Mexico

The first stage, in which Mexican tiles reveal their phenomenal beauty, is a fabulously colourful mosaic of solid square tiles. When choosing this variant of tiles handmade in Mexico, it is worth to decide on one colour range and create a charming composition of complementary shades. This creates a subtle play of colours, which will delight especially those who are not convinced to introduce a whole range of patterns and colours into the interior.

Patchworks of single-coloured Mexican tiles in different shades look particularly beautiful over a kitchen worktop or as a shower background. An even more subdued option is Mexican tiles in just one colour. The intriguing texture of these handmade tiles is then perfectly highlighted. In this edition, their glazing attracts the eye with an almost three-dimensional effect of the surface, and the sometimes visible small cracks, the so-called crackle effect, which are the result of firing the tiles, give them a unique, rustic character. 

It is possible that choosing one-coloured Mexican tiles will be the beginning of creating more daring compositions. It's hard not to fall in love with these artistic tiles! By the way, we invite you to read our article with proposals of colour combinations of patchworks with single-colour Mexican tiles. 

Blue of the sea, white of the sand

Our customers often choose cobalt and white Mexican tiles, which are exceptionally charming and evoke the fullness of summer on the Mediterranean Sea. This colour consistency makes the composition subtle and soothing, despite its rich ornamentation. Associations with the blue sea and white sand on the beach or with whitewashed houses in seaside towns create a relaxing effect.

An interesting and clever idea is to introduce Mexican tiles in this variant to the kitchen, where it is warmer than in other parts of the house due to cooking. The visual coolness created by the cobalt and white patchwork compositions creates the perfect counterbalance to the hot atmosphere of the kitchen. In our offer you can find both the much-loved blue and white patchworks, as well as striking sets of tiles with border. Mexican tiles with marine motifs are particularly charming and worthy of attention. Artists from Mexico have applied patterns of shells, starfish, octopuses, and dolphins. This sea-inspired patchwork will instantly transport any dreamer to the ocean shore!

Among the patterned blue and white tiles you will also find tiles of a single pattern, which create beautiful graphic compositions, suitable even for minimalist, modern interiors. 

Mexican fiesta

At the end of the review of Mexican tiles, we get to what Mexico is famous for in the world: the richness of patterns and the feast of colours, bringing to mind the Mexican hot fiesta. 

This version of Mexican tiles creates an exotic atmosphere in the interior, visually warms up rooms and has an extremely energising effect. It is as hot as the Mexican sun and the first sip of tequila!

However, this quite strong decorative accent is quite possessive and does not like other interior extravagances. Even the use of a border or the introduction of just a few tiles in this style will define the entire room and create a unique, substantial atmosphere. At first glance it may seem that this is a proposal only for the bravest, but if you think of this patterned composition as a colourful bouquet of flowers decorating even a quiet modern interior, you will surely open yourself to its original beauty! 


It is worth emphasising that Mexican tiles, which we have been importing for our clients for years, are made with a traditional method. The patterns may vary slightly, as they are hand-applied by local craftsmen. At a later stage, they are glazed, which makes them extremely resistant to stains, abrasion or scratches.

Mexican tiles not only for walls

One thing is for sure: Mexican tiles are truly versatile beauties and they also feel perfectly at home in not necessarily obvious places, not only on the kitchen or bathroom wall. Imagine a balcony or a terrace, where the colourful finish of the balustrade is a decorative element.

Think of a fireplace with a patterned stripe in the colours of Mexico. How about a table with an intriguing top in Mexican skulls, Frida Kahlo images or smiling suns? Mexican tiles can have some really surprising uses! We will tell you more about this at another time, when we will show you some stunning, original and brave realisations of our customers. In the meantime, get to know the wealth of Mexican tiles available in our shop and think how uniquely they can change your home. Leave us a comment and we will be happy to hear from you which Mexican tiles you like best!

Date added: 23 November 2021
Author: Julietta Torbus
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