What should be included in the bathroom design?

How much time does an average person spend in the bathroom?

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in the bathroom?

In a survey conducted by one of the portals, participants of the survey claimed that they use the bathroom 5-7 times a day. Each time, they stay there for more than 6 minutes. These are, of course, average parameters taking into account women and men. The survey shows that women spend most of their time in the toilet on make-up.

A group of British scientists have leaned over the problem even more. Researchers brought in research on a group of 2500 people. They show that on average we spend as much as 3 years of our lives in the toilet, of which about 1.5 years in the toilet, 6 months in the bathtub or shower, over two months we dry and wipe our body. We spend the rest of the period in other more mundane activities.

This shows how important the bathroom is in our lives. It is also worth noting that the toilet is generally used by our guests in the broadest sense of the word, so it is our business card.

What to pay attention to when designing the bathroom?

Below we will present some aspects that are important in the bathroom design.

  • Functional layout of the room. At this point we should consider what activities we will perform in the bathroom and what equipment will be necessary for this. So, will the bathroom be used only for standard bathing and other very mundane activities, or will it be used as a laundry and drying room. It may also be necessary to arrange a place, for example, for care and cosmetics.
  • We should think about the style in which we would like to finish or renovate the bathroom. Is the room to keep the classic, simple and rather ascetic form, or more individual, e.g. with tiles made by hand, emphasizing more individual look.
  • Another very important element of the project is the colour and power of lighting. Each place in the bathroom may need a different one. It is worth considering the power of the main lighting and possible spotlighting of various other places in the room. It is worth mentioning that the lighting can have a decorative character.

Example realization of a bathroom of one of our clients

If you are already our client, you know how important aspect of our business is customer satisfaction. We often ask you to send us photos or videos of your room finishing. We try to advise, hint.

Buying finishing elements in our shop we are sure that the space will have a very individual character and may be an inspiration for others.

With the consent of our client we attach photos from the realization of two bathrooms. One in a clear formula, the other one is contrasting.

It is worth noting the lines from patchwork tiles emphasizing the character of the room. A very important element, and even central, in both bathrooms is a place with an artistic washbasin and a richly ornamented mirror frame.

If you want to inspire others with your own design, please contact us.

Mexican bathroom

Mexican tiles - shower

Ceramic sink from Morocco

Date added: 1 July 2020
Author: Julietta Torbus
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